Healthcare Management System

Tailored To Meet The Needs Of Individual Practice Clinics, Medical Centres, Hospitals, And Medical Cities

Multiple Workflows Triggered By Patient-Centric Events

Meet The Demand Of Healthcare Providers & Their Patient


AVICENNA Is A Healthcare Management System (HMS) Developed Using Workflow Concepts With The Aim Of Providing Healthcare Providers With A Competitive Advantage Through Innovative Solutions.


AVICENNA Is A Patient-Centric Solution Enhancing Their Experience In The Hospital While Streamlining Operational Tasks.

& Integration

AVICENNA Is A Powerful, Modern Software Solution That Adjusts To The Ever-Evolving Needs Of Healthcare Requirements.

The System You Need
& Understand for All Workflows.

Transforming Patient Care

Patient Journey Workflows

Technical Features

Enhanced Patient Care


Improve Revenues

Boosting Profitability

Streamlined Workflow

Optimizing Operations

Increase Efficiency

Value Proposal

Provide Healthcare Providers With A Comprehensive Software Solution That Streamlines Operations And Enhances The Patient Expenence.
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Adaptable To Your Individual Need
Intuitive & User-­Friendly Interface
Integration Capabilities
Analytics And Reporting
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